From the start we were really excited by the itinerary that Sandrine put together for the India tour. Having very little overseas travel experience at the time, I was quite nervous about travelling to a place where I would be outside of my comfort zone. However, I was very pleasantly surprised by the care and forethought put in by both Sandrine and the land operator to make our journey smooth and enjoyable, from the airport transfers to shopping suggestions and everything in between. After booking we received a copy of Lonely Planet from Sandrine for the areas we were visiting, which helped us to get a better picture of what to expect and built some excitement with extra information about the area. Being able to contact Sandrine about all of our queries and concerns before, during and after booking (as well as on the road) put my mind at ease, especially leading up to the trip. She was very prompt at replying, sharing her experience a well-seasoned traveller and advice about a huge range of issues. Because we got so excited about the trip, we managed to get some of our family members to also join the tour. Travelling with them and with other spiritual family was an upbuilding experience. We thoroughly enjoyed doing the text as a group each morning and studying the watchtower together, as well as getting to know each other on the longer bus trips between towns. Our guide for most of the trip, Sujata, was extremely informative, interesting, helpful and very friendly. She was clearly very familiar with the attractions we visited and had a knack for personalising our tour so that we experienced the aspects we were most interested in, such as local dining and shopping experiences and arranging tours for the best time of day to get the most from the attractions. Her interest and willingness to help with challenges made us to feel comfortable and at ease through the journey. Our driver and his assistant were incredibly good at negotiating the difficult road conditions of India, as well as patiently and kindly caring for all of our requests with a smile. As for the trip itself, we were delighted to see so many wonderful, beautiful, interesting and exciting sights. We felt like we had a lovely tour thoroughly covering a wonderful part of India, experiencing and enjoying even more than we had anticipated. We felt safe in the hands of an experienced travel agent and are very grateful that we were able to enjoy memories that will last a lifetime. Thanks again! :)

India 2013

On both tours I was particularly impressed with the tour leaders who were caring and capable. The tour guides were also excellent, especially in Israel, Greece and of course, our delightful sister Mine in Turkey. I have found organised tours such as these to be upbuilding, educational and they make travelling so easy, with everything arranged. It has been particularly enjoyable to travel with brothers and sisters, to share the spiritual interaction, to feel secure, and to make new friends. As these tours are reasonably priced (without compromising on comfort), they are within my budget, so I hope to add to the list.

Jordan/Israel 2010
Turkey/Greece 2015

In October 2015 we had the pleasure of joining a tour organised by Sandrine for both Turkey & Greece. We visited a portion of the congregations called on by Paul during his missionary journeys. What an eye opening experience!! To take the words of the printed page and see them materialise before you is an encounter I will not readily forget. It has significantly added to our spiritual vision as we now read passages from Acts and the letters of Paul. The tour itself was very well organised. Not only did we get to take time to enjoy each location we visited but had the pleasure of various side trips. The swim in the Mediterranean accompanied by a visit to the Sunken City was very memorable. Sandrine not only took care of our needs during the tour but made arrangements for other aspects of our oversees trip ensuring a seamless transition. We would not hesitate to use Sandrine's services in the future.

Turkey/Greece 2015

While both tours were very economical and the accommodation was good, what most impressed me was the choice of local guides who not only were approachable and friendly but also very knowledgeable (in fact in Egypt the guide was a professor whose job was to try and repatriate Egyptian artifacts for the Egyptian government).

Jordan/Israel 2008
Egypt 2009

We had Sandrine organise our tour to Vietnam. Absolutely everything was arranged, even the tips. Everyone we travelled with was lovely, we made some lasting friends and I couldn’t find fault with any of them. We started up North Vietnam in Hanoi, we went to the old French quarter and we stayed in a lovely old hotel. The shopping up there was amazing. I loved the pace of the tour, we got plenty of wasn’t rush, rush. We went on a fabulous boat tour at Halong Bay. The scenery was stunning. I found the food absolutely amazing and I loved experiencing the culture. Cooking lessons as well... Wow this tour had so much in it! We had lots of fun! We shopped at good quality locations, thanks to our tour guide, and also were able to contribute to workers who were physically disadvantaged from the war. In our free time we found a great painter and he painted our family portraits for only about $40 each. We also bought other paintings in Saigon which we now look at every day and still love. We also enjoyed the best massages for so cheap, great after a long day of touring around. It was a great tour. I would go again and recommend it to all my friends. There was so much more we could say, but we can’t mention everything. Thank you so much Sandrine!