• What is the group size?

    The minimum number of participants for a tour is 8 to 10. The maximum size would be 20 to 25. We try to keep the tours small enough so they are easy to manage and enjoyable.

  • Who can participate in the tours?

    Any baptised Jehovah’s Witness in good standing as well as their children (in good standing too).

  • Do you organise individual travel?

    Sorry, we specialise in group travel only.

  • My country of residence is not Australia. Can I still join the tour?

    Yes, you can. You can organise your own flights or we can organise them for you.

  • I have a family member who is interested in your tour as well. They are not witnesses but have very high moral standards. Can they join the tour?

    Sorry, tours are for Witnesses only.

  • Is it still safe to travel to the Bible Lands?

    Due to political unrest in Egypt and Turkey, we don’t offer these destinations anymore. However, Jordan and Israel are still safe. These countries are politically stable. Local guides are extremely safety conscious and would never put the group in jeopardy.

  • Who will be leading the tour?

    Each Bible Land Tour is led by a full time servant or special full time servant. In both Jordan and Israel it is a legal requirement for a local guide to accompany the tour.

  • What level of fitness do you recommend?

    No particular level of fitness is needed although some places involve a fair amount of walking.

  • Do you organise flights or do I need to organise them myself?

    It is up to you. You can organise your own flights and buy the land package only, or we can organise your flights.

  • Can I extend my trip?

    Yes, you can extend your trip or visit other countries before or after your trip.

  • I am travelling on my own. Do I need to pay a single room supplement?

    Whenever possible we will try to pair you up with a same gender fellow traveller. Of course, if you prefer a room of your own we can also organise that.

  • What about tips?

    Tips are compulsory in Jordan and Israel, and are included in the quote. For other countries, tips are at the discretion of the travellers. The usual amount is $5 per person per day for the guide, and $3 per person per day for the driver.

  • Do you organise visas?

    Some visas can be obtained upon entry in the country. Otherwise we can organise your visa, or guide you through the process.

  • How do I register?

    Simply send us an email and we will send you the appropriate form.

  • How do I pay for the tour?

    The easiest form of payment is bank transfer. Credit cards are accepted but incur a fee.

  • I am no longer able to participate in the tour. Can I get a refund for the deposit?

    Deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable.

  • Do you organise insurance?

    If you are an Australian resident we can organise your insurance. If you are from another country, you will need to organise your own insurance. Most credit card companies offer you free insurance if you pay for your tickets with your credit card.

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